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Our highly qualified staff will take time to listen to you, answer any questions and examine you in accordance with state-of-the-art scientific standards. Together we will define the aim of your therapy and work out the optimum treatment strategy while guaranteeing quality of the highest standards.


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Your practice for physiotherapy in Basel

PhysioART provides state-of-the-art physiotherapy treatment. We specialize in orthopaedic, sports medicine and post-operative medical conditions.

Making an appointment is easy and uncomplicated and bookings are usually available at short notice. You can also rely on us to manage your appointments professionally.

We have more than 20 years of experience in our profession which enables us to tailor treatments to suit your individual requirements, ideas and values at all times.

We take time to answer your questions, apply scientific standards to our tests and always keep you informed so that we can clarify any questions you may have and enable you to take an active part in influencing your treatment.

Treatment at home: If you are unable to come to our practice, the doctor treating you can prescribe treatment at home. We will come to your home and treat you there. Naturally, we will bring all necessary equipment along.

We consider ourselves to be both therapists and coaches for your physical and emotional needs and provide professional support to help you achieve your goals.

If your doctor has prescribed physiotherapy, your basic health insurance plan will cover your treatment.
Fees without a prescription:
25 Minutes: 80 CHF
60 Minutes: 160 CHF

We are continuously expanding our range of treatments by regularly attending training courses ensuring that our practice continues to be scientifically and practically up to date.

At PhysioART you are in the hands of experts.


Allow us to accompany you on your way to a healthy life in our tasteful and harmonious surroundings.


Functional analysis is the central element of our therapeutic treatment. Structured, critically analytical thought and decision making processes both during examination and treatment mean your treatment and possibly long term rehabilitation process are tailor-made to suit you. It is not only factual knowledge but also 20 years of experience in the profession, which enables us to provide you with the optimal information and best treatment possible for your very specific situation.


By rehabilitation we understand the co-ordinated use of passive and active measures to restore your muscle and joint function. Initially, depending on the injury and operation, we may use passive measures, which help reduce swelling in the tissue, reduce pain and increase mobilisation. Naturally, active therapy, whereby the affected structures are increasingly put under pressure to perform, is superior to passive therapy, which is why we will require an increasing amount of work from you during the rehabilitation phase. We will help you understand the cause of your problems and have a wide range of treatments available to specifically target these problems thus enabling you to recover and maintain maximum mobility and functionality in the long-term.


In addition to the immediate positive effects medical training therapy has on your health, we also want to ensure that you maintain the success you have achieved in the long-term. It is important that your training is as efficient as possible to avoid your body being challenged too much or too little. This is where your personal initiative is important. If it makes sense to have a personal coach during your training, we are happy to make individual appointments. However, if you wish to train on your own, you are naturally very welcome to do so.

Manuel Meier
Freundliches Personal & gute Hilfestellung.
Alexander Schranz
Nicht zuviel, nicht zu wenig. Genau auf meine Beschwerden angepasst. Vielen Dank. Empfehle es jedem weiter.
Roger Bättig
Beste Empfehlung/ Patrick und sein Team sind sehr gut in Ihrem Fach!
Aline Kirst
Ich bin schon mehrere Jahre immer mal wieder bei Patrick und vertraue ihm blind. Er ist nicht nur fachlich top versiert, sondern auch menschlich sehr angenehm, sympathisch und humorvoll. Er weiss einfach von was er spricht und ist im Umgang mit Patienten sehr feinfühlig und trotzdem fordernd. Seine Praxis konnte er vergrössern, das spricht für sein Können und sein Konzept. Ich kann Patrick und sein Team von Herzen empfehlen!
René Kim
Das Beste was einem passieren kann.
Peter Sacchet
Kompetente Betreuung welch wirklich das Programm auf Deine Bedürfnisse anpasst
Djambazi Viti
Nach einer Fuss OP, wurde ich seitens der Rennbahnklinik auf Patrick und seiner Praxis aufmerksam gemacht. Er hat inzwischen nicht nur an den Fuss, sondern auch an mein Knie und Rücken Wunder bewirkt. Er hat heilende Hände! Sein Wissen und die Art wie er es umsetzt, ist grossartig! (ich spreche aus Erfahrung. 5 verschiedene Physios gehabt. Er ist DER BESTE der Basel zu bieten hat! Best Physio in town! Have had several injuries in the last 20 years and have finally found THE only address I need. Extremely competent in all areas and able to work wonders!
Frederic Lasserre
Zairi Florim


Our team offers a wide range of professional knowledge, therapy-specific focuses and practical experience. You have the choice whether you prefer to be treated by a woman or a man. Your therapist remains responsible for you for the entire duration of the therapy. We all specialize in ailments of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and neuromuscular problems. Regular internal and external training courses keep us up to date with the latest scientific developments and improve our know-how.

Antonia Funk

Physiotherapist since 2018

Elisa Ebner

Physiotherapeut seit 2017

Josephine Meissner

Physiotherapeutin seit 2021

Patrick Ziegelmüller

Physiotherapist since 2012

Romain Duquesne

Physiotherapist since 2020

Thomas Reupke

Physiotherapist since 1999


For more than 50 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to developing innovative fitness solutions for facilities and athletes.
Specialists for shoulder and elbow and sports orthopaedics
Safety and orientation in empirical medicine

Frequently asked questions

  1. What do I need for my first appointment?

    .prescription (issued by the doctor).
    . Health insurance card, in case of accident: additionally accident number and date of accident if available, otherwise simply submit later.
    . Self-pay (rates without prescription) 25min - 80CHF, 60min - 160CHF.
    . We provide comfortable clothing and sheets for the therapy bench free of charge for the duration of your prescription.

  2. Are there parking spaces?

    . Yes we have 3 visitor parking spaces directly in front of the practice and there are numerous blue zones in the surrounding residential area.

  3. Can you also come to my home for treatment?

    Yes, if it is not possible for you to visit us in the practice, then we can come to your home. It is important that your attending doctor issues a prescription for domiciliary treatment.

  4. How can I make/reschedule/cancel an appointment with you?

    . By phone: (+41) 061 692 08 08.
    . E-mail:
    . On site: Grenzacherstrasse 30, 4058 Basel.
    . Or via our website.

  5. May I cancel or postpone an already arranged appointment?

    . Of course. However, we kindly ask you to inform us in good time (24 hours in advance).