Pelvic floor therapy for women

Besides relaxation exercises, it is also crucial in the pelvic floor to strengthen the weak muscles in a targeted way (conservative therapy approach)!

With the latest technology, so-called biofeedback, this muscle tension can be objectively measured via a probe. This measurement is displayed graphically. Through the process of "feeling and seeing", perception training and control of pelvic floor muscle function is demonstrably improved.

With electrostimulation, the pelvic floor muscles are stimulated by a light, painless electrical stimulus. This can help support cognition and improve training with biofeedback.

Before the actual therapy, we conduct a detailed conversation and a thorough examination. Together with you, we will then determine the desired goals and draw up a treatment plan.

We recommend pelvic floor training:
before and after pregnancy and childbirth in case of urine loss due to sporting exertion and in everyday life in case of lowering of the uterus after operations in the pelvic area to increase sexual sensation