By rehabilitation we understand the co-ordinated use of passive and active measures to restore your muscle and joint function. Initially, depending on the injury and operation, we may use passive measures, which help reduce swelling in the tissue, reduce pain and increase mobilisation. Naturally, active therapy, whereby the affected structures are increasingly put under pressure to perform, is superior to passive therapy, which is why we will require an increasing amount of work from you during the rehabilitation phase. We will help you understand the cause of your problems and have a wide range of treatments available to specifically target these problems thus enabling you to recover and maintain maximum mobility and functionality in the long-term.


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Unter Rehabilitation verstehen wir den koordinierten Einsatz von passiven und aktiven Massnahmen, um Ihre Muskel- und Gelenkfunktion wiederherzustellen. Je nach Verletzung oder operativem Eingriff können anfangs vermehrt passive, abschwellende, schmerzlindernde…

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Functional analysis is the central element of our therapeutic treatment. Structured, critically analytical thought and decision making processes both during examination and treatment mean your treatment and possibly long term rehabilitation process are tailor-made to suit you. It is not only factual knowledge but also 20 years of experience in the profession, which enables us to provide you with the optimal information and best treatment possible for your very specific situation.


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Eine funktionsbezogene Analyse ist das zentrale Element unseres therapeutischen Handelns. Der strukturierte, kritisch-analytische Denk- und Entscheidungsprozess während der Untersuchung und Behandlung, ist der individuelle Vorteil Ihrer Behandlung und Ihres eventuell…

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