Physio ART specialises in physiotherapy, massage and training therapy.

Trust us - because we trust you.
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Our highly qualified staff will take time to listen to you, answer any questions and examine you in accordance with state-of-the-art scientific standards. Together we will define the aim of your therapy and work out the optimum treatment strategy while guaranteeing quality of the highest standards.


Your practice for physiotherapy in Basel

PhysioART provides state-of-the-art physiotherapy treatment. We specialize in orthopaedic, sports medicine and post-operative medical conditions.

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Making an appointment is easy and uncomplicated and bookings are usually available at short notice. You can also rely on us to manage your appointments professionally.

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We see ourselves as Therapist and coach of your physical and emotional needs and support you in a goal-oriented and professional way.

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We are continuously expanding our range of treatments by regularly attending training courses ensuring that our practice continues to be scientifically and practically up to date.

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Our over 20 years of Work experience allows us to take into account your individual needs, your own ideas and values in the Treatment to be given special consideration.

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Upon medical prescription, the Physiotherapy paid by the basic insurance.
Fees without a prescription:
25 Minutes: 80 CHF
60 Minutes: 160 CHF

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At PhysioART you are in the hands of experts.

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Domiciliary treatment: If it is not possible for you to visit our practice, the treating doctor can issue a Domicile treatment be prescribed. Physiotherapy is then carried out at your home. We will of course bring the necessary utensils with us.

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We take time to answer your questions, apply scientific standards to our tests and always keep you informed so that we can clarify any questions you may have and enable you to take an active part in influencing your treatment.


In a tasteful and harmonious ambience, we accompany you on your way to more Health.


Functional analysis is the central element of our therapeutic treatment. Structured, critically analytical thought and decision making processes both during examination and treatment mean your treatment and possibly long term rehabilitation process are tailor-made to suit you. It is not only factual knowledge but also 20 years of experience in the profession, which enables us to provide you with the optimal information and best treatment possible for your very specific situation.

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At Rehabilitation we understand the coordinated use of passive and active measures to restore your muscle and joint function. Depending on the injury or surgical intervention, passive, decongestant, pain-relieving and mobilising measures may be more important in the beginning. Active therapy is superior to passive therapy as the load-bearing capacity of the affected structures increases, which is why you will be increasingly challenged during the course of your rehabilitation. We help you to understand the cause of your complaints and have a wide range of skills to treat them in a targeted manner so that you can regain and maintain your maximum mobility and functionality in the long term.


Besides the immediately perceptible, positive health effect of the medical training therapyIt is important to us that you sustain the therapeutic success you have achieved. It is important to Training as efficiently as possible in order to avoid over- but also under-challenging. Your own initiative is also required here! If it makes sense for us to be available to you as a personal coach during training, we also offer individual appointments. If you prefer to train alone, you are more than welcome to do so.


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For more than 50 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to developing innovative fitness solutions for facilities and athletes.

ARTHRO Medics AG from

Specialists for shoulder and elbow and sports orthopaedics

Eskamed AG von

Safety and orientation in empirical medicine

IMTT from

It is a recognised Groupe spécialisé of the Swiss Physiotherapy Association and is committed to high quality treatment.

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Our team offers a wide range of professional knowledge, therapy-specific focus and experience in practice. You can choose whether you prefer to be treated by a woman or a man. Your therapist or her Therapist remains responsible for them for the entire duration of therapy. We are all specialised in complaints of joints, muscles, tendons, ligament structures and neuromuscular problems. Regular internal and external further training keeps us up to date with the latest scientific developments and improves our know-how.

Physiotherapist since 2018

Antonia Funk

Physiotherapist since 2017

Elisa Ebner

Physiotherapist since 2021

Josephine Meissner

Empfang / Administration

Natalie Glesti

Physiotherapist since 2012

Patrick Ziegelmüller

Physiotherapist since 2020

Romain Duquesne

Physiotherapist since 1999

Thomas Reupke


Frequently asked questions

  1. What do I need for my first appointment?

    .prescription (issued by the doctor).
    . Health insurance card, in case of accident: additionally accident number and date of accident if available, otherwise simply submit later.
    . Self-pay (rates without prescription) 25min - 80CHF, 60min - 160CHF.
    . We provide comfortable clothing and sheets for the therapy bench free of charge for the duration of your prescription.

  2. Are there parking spaces?

    . Yes we have 3 visitor parking spaces directly in front of the practice and there are numerous blue zones in the surrounding residential area.

  3. Can you also come to my home for treatment?

    Yes, if it is not possible for you to visit us at the practice, we can come to your home. It is important that your attending doctor has a prescription for the Domicile treatment exhibits.

  4. How can I make/reschedule/cancel an appointment with you?

    . By phone: (+41) 061 692 08 08.
    . E-mail:
    . On site: Grenzacherstrasse 30, 4058 Basel.
    . Or via our website.

  5. May I cancel or postpone an already arranged appointment?

    . Of course. However, we kindly ask you to inform us in good time (24 hours in advance).