Active training therapy takes place in our training room. Both patients with prescriptions for “Medical Training Therapy” and private clients wishing to improve their general health either independently or with the help of a personal trainer, are welcome.

In addition to our many years of experience, we use the following tests to help you achieve your personal goals:

The Functional Movement Screen ( FMS ) is a standardised procedure to analyse fundamental patterns of movement. It assesses the quality of your movements, uncovers deficits as well as asymmetrical movements and provides valuable information in terms of treatment strategy and training plan.

The FMS is an important part of preventing excess stress or injury, recognizing triggering and contributory factors and is a central part of our treatment concept.

We are able to measure your Functional Threshold Power using our state-of-the-art bicycle ergometers IC8 so that we can create an individual, watt or pulse based training programme. Exercising this way increases your performance within a short period of time.

Medical Training

Medical Training Therapy is a benefit specified in the KVG (Federal Law concerning Health Insurance). Before this therapy can be applied, it is necessary that the patient has received individual physiotherapy. Once your health or accident insurance has agreed to carry the costs, you may use our top quality training equipment for a period of up to 3 months. Rehabilitation is dependent on creating a training programme, which has been especially designed to suit you and your medical condition. In addition, if and when required, we will naturally adapt your training plan and we are always present to answer any questions you may have.

Personal Training

By combining a thorough physiotherapeutic status of your physical constitution with functional screening techniques, we are specialists in analysing movement patterns and evaluating their quality. As possible asymmetries and deficits can increase the risk of injury and limit performance, each patient requires a very individual training plan. One on one supervision means we are able to concentrate on structured, demanding and long-term fitness training. Our wide range of tools and measurement methods provides us with the ability to help you achieve your personal sports goals.